Yesha Council leader: Netanyahu attempting to scam us

Yesha Council chairman David Elhayani accuses prime minister of attempting to conceal that sovereignty plan would lead to Palestinian state.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Netanyahu with David Elhayani and Shlomo Ne;eman
Netanyahu with David Elhayani and Shlomo Ne;eman
Hezki Baruch

Yesha Council chairman David Elhayani accused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of pulling a "scam" in his promotion of the application of sovereignty over parts of Judea and Samaria in an interview with Haaretz journalist Ravit Hecht.

"There is a scam, a trick," Elhayani said, adding that the sovereignty plan being negotiated with the US would lead to the creation of a Palestinian Arab state. "The time had come to go up to that man, to Trump ... and tell him: 'Sir, you are risking the security of the State of Israel.'"

"Netanyahu pulled the wool over our eyes," he stated. "He knew the plan. He lied to us."

"The prime minister has tried to trick us. He told us: 'Guys, this is not a state. It's less than a state. It's a state without an army.' I told him: 'Mr. Prime Minister, a state is a state.' Right now it has no army. If it were already a state I'd rather it have an army. The IDF knows how to deal with armies. But it doesn't know how to deal with terrorism. Just look at the case of Gaza."

In the interview, Elhayani recounted the price he has paid for his conflict with Netanyahu. "There are those who have worked behind my back to oust me from the council. I don't know if the prime minister is personally involved, but it does come from the prime minister's orbit."