Netanyahu: Blue and White's behavior in government unacceptable

Prime Minister reportedly furious at actions by Blue and White MKs since formation of unity government. 'This cannot continue.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Netanyahu and Gantz
Netanyahu and Gantz
Adina Walman/Knesset spokesperson

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is furious at the conduct of the Blue and White party in the new government and has called the current situation "unacceptable," Kan News reported Monday evening.

"This cannot continue," Neyanyahu reportedly told associates in the Likud party, adding that he would meet Alternate Prime Minister Benny Gantz in the coming days to set things in order in the unity government.

In the Likud and among his associates there is increasing pressure on Netanyahu to call for new elections as soon as possible.

Earlier, Netanyahu and Gantz met and decided that the Norwegian Law would be advanced for its second and third readings in the Knesset.

The Likud is seeking the Blue and White party's support for a change to the Basic Law: The Government in that would reduce the Supreme Court's ability to interfere in the legislative process.

The Likud party is therefore demanding that Blue and White support the changes to the Basic Law in exchange for the changes to the Norwegian Law, while Blue and White is demanding that the Likud adhere to the coalition agreement.

Officials in both parties stated that they agreed that new elections would be held if the Supreme Court disqualified Netanyahu from serving as alternate prime minister. However, the Blue and White party states that this would apply only if the court intervened in the first six months of the government. The details of the changes required to the coalition agreement have not yet been agreed upon. Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin and Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn will meet tonight in an attempt to reach understandings on the issue.