493 cases of coronavirus in Israel's schools and preschools

Around 12% of Israel's newest COVID-19 cases are from educational institutions.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Empty classroom (illustrative)
Empty classroom (illustrative)

Approximately 12% of new cases (21 of 177) around Israel are in the educational system.

Most of the new cases (41%) are in Jerusalem, mostly in the Hebrew Gymnasium, in Tel Aviv (15.4%) in schools in Jaffa, and in Bnei Brak (4%). In other areas of Israel, the number of cases is small and not concentrated in any one area.

A total of 493 cases have been diagnosed in the educational system, out of a total of approximately 2,300,000 students and 200,000 teaching staff.

Currently, 177 educational institutions have been closed, out of a total of 5,200 schools and 20,000 preschools.

Over the course of the week, 15 schools and preschools reopened after being closed due to coronavirus infections. In the coming week, another 46 institutions - 26 schools and 20 preschools - are expected to reopen.

A total of 25,821 teaching staff and students are currently in preventive quarantine, as part of the educational system's preventive efforts to stop the spread of the virus.