What do Palestinian Arabs really think of Israeli sovereignty?

Arab affairs commentator Zvi Yehezkeli speaks with PA Arabs about sovereignty - and finds they prefer Netanyahu to Abbas.

Rafael Levi ,

'In the Eyes of the Palestinians'
'In the Eyes of the Palestinians'
Channel 13

Zvi Yehezkeli, the Arab affairs commentator for Channel 13, was interested to hear what Judea and Samaria Arabs think about the intention to apply sovereignty over parts of Judea and Samaria.

Sometimes, because of fear of the PA, those with whom Yehezkeli speaks tell the camera something different than what they actually think. This time, therefore, he decided to document the conversations with hidden camera glasses.

Speaking with the PA Arab population regarding their feelings about Israeli sovereignty, Yehezkeli finds that people would prefer Israeli rule to PA rule.

"Everyone is for [sovereignty]," says one interviewee, adding that all his friends think like him, too.

Yehezkeli asks another who would win, between "Bibi [Netanyahu]" and "Abu Mazen [Abbas]," if elections were held today in PA-controlled areas.

"Bibi," was the blunt response.

Another says he "wants the entire village to be happy, because today they're under the PA, but they want Netanyahu - nobody else. They want an Israeli ID." He adds that "One hundred, two hundred percent" feel this way.

"We're ready to live under the military boots of the army rather than under the head of Abu Mazen," another says.

"What has the PA done for us?" another asks. "I don't want a state. I want money. Money is preferable to a state. The entire Palestinian people wants this. What does it want? It doesn't want the PA. The PA robbed us and destroyed us."

A PA policeman notes, "In Israel there's law and order. Life is good. In the PA [...] they steal from us and give us only a little. All the money goes to Abu Mazen, to the PA, to those leaders. The people eat s**t. I prefer Israeli sovereignty, a hundred percent - not just me. I have 60 workers, and we're all together. We all have protexia. If you don't have protexia, you have nothing."

"Abu Mazen called to go and demonstrate over the Deal of the Century, nobody listened to him. 'Why don't you and your children go demonstrate?'"

Yehezkeli concludes that there is a "huge gap between the PA and the people which, after 25 years, understands that Palestinian sovereignty really did not make their lives better."

"The question is what we will hear in another month - the voices of PA leaders, or the voice of the people that thinks entirely differently?"

The visits to the villages and conversations were held by Yehezkel for a 3-part series called "In the Eyes of the Palestinians" which is broadcast on Channel 13.