Survey: Likud: 40 seats; Yamina: 8

Right-leaning/haredi bloc gets 64 seats, Left/Arab bloc 47 seats. Jewish Home Party does not pass electoral threshold.

Mordechai Sones ,


A poll conducted for Channel 12 News Central Edition claims if elections were held today, the Likud party led by Binyamin Netanyahu would receive 40 seats.

The Joint Arab List led by Ayman Odeh gets 15 seats, Yair Lapid and Moshe Ya'alon's Yesh Atid-Telem wins 14 seats. Blue and White under Benny Gantz gets 12; Shas with Aryeh Deri: 9. Yamina headed by Naftali Bennett - 8, United Torah Judaism led by Yaakov Litzman - 7. Meretz led by Nitzan Horowitz: 6 seats.

Those parties not passing the electoral threshold: The Labor Party led by Amir Peretz 1.9%, Gesher led by Orly Levi-Abucasis, 0.5%; Derech Eretz led by Yoaz Hendel and Tzvi Hauser 0.4%, and the Jewish Home Party led by Rafi Peretz inspires 0.4% of the electorate.

Distributed into general blocs: 64 seats for the Right-leaning/haredi bloc and 47 seats for the Left/Arabs. Yisrael Beyteinu is projected to get 9 seats.

The survey was conducted by Midgam Institute headed by Meno Geva among a representative sample of the total population of Israel aged 18 and over among 509 respondents with a sampling error of +/-4.4%.

Survey participants were also asked about the possibility that the "Shulmanim" business owners' party will join the arena.

In this case, Likud would get 38 seats, the Joint Arab List: 15; Yesh Atid: 13, Blue and White led by Benny Gantz: 11, Shas: 9 seats, Yisrael Beyteinu headed by Avigdor Liberman: 8, Bennett's Yamina: 8; United Torah Judaism: 7; Meretz: 6 and the Self-employed's Party in Israel (Shulmanim) wins five seats.

Those not passing the electoral threshold: Labor led by Amir Peretz with 1.9%, Gesher led by Orly Levi-Abucasis: 0.5%, Jewish Home led by Rafi Peretz 0.4%, Derech Eretz led by Yoaz Hendel and Zvi Hauser 0.0%.

In blocs: 62 seats for the Right-leaning/haredi bloc, 45 seats for Left/Arabs. Yisrael Beyteinu 8 seats and the Shulmanim get 5 seats.