Watch: Minneapolis mayor thrown out of Black Lives Matter protest

Democratic mayor of Minneapolis booed, cursed after refusing to commit to abolishing city's police department at BLM protest.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey at George Floyd memorial
Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey at George Floyd memorial

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey was forced to leave a far-left demonstration Saturday, after attempting to open a dialogue with protesters who called for the abolition of all law enforcement in the city of Minneapolis.

Frey, a first-term Democrat, joined far-left demonstrators at a gathering in Minneapolis Saturday, accusing the justice system of being plagued with ‘systemic racism’, and vowing to do whatever is in his possible to reform law enforcement in his city.

“If you’re asking whether I’m for massive structural reform to revise a structurally racist system, the answer is yes. If you’re asking whether I’ll do everything possible to push back on the inherent inequities that are literally built into the system, the answer is yes,” said Frey.

But Frey’s comments weren’t enough for demonstrators, who demanded the mayor explicitly commit to the total defunding and abolition of the city’s police force.

“We need to completely dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department,” shouted Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota).

When Frey refused to bow to the mob’s demands, protesters cursed him and demanded he lave the demonstration.

“Go home, Jacob, go home,” attendees chanted.