Through his selflessness he was able to transcend his limitations

The world is in a chaotic place.When facing health crises it is natural to feel helpless. Some, however make an impact on the world.

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  Rabbi Mentzer
Rabbi Mentzer
Kupat Ha'Ir

The world is in a chaotic place. When faced with health crises, social unrest, and financial instability, it is natural to feel a sense of helplessness. Some, however, manage to rise above this sense of helplessness and fight, against all odds, to make an impact on the world. Few exemplify this trait more than Rabbi & Rebbetzin Mentzer, of Jerusalem.

Rabbi Mentzer was severely disabled for much of his life. He and his Rebbetzin were married for many years before they were blessed with children. The Rabbi was wheel-chair bound. Despite these and other challenges which would have paralyzed many, Rabbi Mentzer was extremely active in his community. He dedicated his time to helping struggling families, and many individuals would come to ask him for his guidance. Through his selflessness he was able to transcend his limitations.

Rabbi Mentzer passed away last week, leaving behind a Rebbetzin & two twin daughters. In addition to their grief, the family is now assessing the practicality of their situation. For years they have persisted only on Rabbi Mentzer’s modest disability checks. With his passing, the checks stopped coming. They are now left drowning in a sea of debt, bills, and apprehension for the future. The Mentzer daughters are of marriageable age, and the Rebbetzin is pained at her inability to provide them with assistance. It is a painful situation for all involved.

The Belzer Ruv has vouched personally for the family, with an in-depth letter on their behalf. The Rebbe’s letter blesses all those who step up to help the Mentzer family with “long life, children and abundant sustenance, [and to be] saved from all illness - with only good.”

Readers can honor Rabbi Mentzer’s memory by helping his Rebbetzin here for a limited time.