Thousands of students quarantined across Israel amid fears of second wave of coronavirus

Fears of second wave of the coronavirus as new infections confirmed at Hadera, Beer Sheva schools. Thousands of students sent into isolation

David Rosenberg ,

The Hebrew Gymnasium high school in Jerusalem
The Hebrew Gymnasium high school in Jerusalem
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Thousands of students in the northern coastal city of Hadera have been ordered into quarantine Monday, after a fellow student was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Some 2,180 students and staff members from the Kalman Tzohar Multidisciplinary School for the Arts and Sciences in Hadera were instructed to go into isolation Monday after a 7th grade student tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The school has been temporarily closed on the orders of the Mayor of Hadera, and the Education and Health ministries.

In a statement Monday morning, the Hadera municipality said the students were all in good health.

The city of Hadera is working to test the students and staff members from the school en masse, and is considering possible options for resuming classes in some form.

The father of one student told Walla he hopes the school “doesn’t become the next Gymnasium”, referring to the Hebrew Gymnasium high school in Jerusalem’s Rehavia neighborhood, where 160 students, parents, and staff members have been confirmed as being infected with the coronavirus.

More than a thousand students from the Gymnasium school have been ordered into quarantine until June 9th.

Of the 160 confirmed infections at the Gymnasium, 125 are students, 16 are parents, and 19 are faculty members.

Unlike the Gymnasium school, however, the Kalman Tzohar school in Hadera has only a single confirmed case of the coronavirus thus far, with school and city officials saying the school’s closure was taken “to be on the safe side, according to a statement by the municipality.

In a separate case, 175 students and 13 staff members from a school in Beer Sheva have also been ordered into isolation, after a female student was diagnosed with the virus.

In addition 32 second-graders, three staff members, and 30 kindergarteners at a different section of the school have also been sent into quarantine, amid fears a teacher was infected with the coronavirus.