The Arabs may have lost the war, but not the battle for control of the Temple Mount

The Temple Mount's holiness continues to be violated by Israeli acquiescence to the illegal Moslem control. Opinion.

Alan Silverstein ,

Temple Mount riots (archive)
Temple Mount riots (archive)
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On Friday, May 21, Israel celebrates Jerusalem Day. It commemorates the Jewish victory and reunification of Israel with its eternal capital, Jerusalem. Israel's victory in the 1967 Six Day War was another step in returning the Nation of Israel to its historical, Biblical and God-given territory.

Thinking they could finish what the Nazis had failed to do during the Holocaust, five Arab armies, including Jordan, attacked Israel to wipe it off the map. Israel begged Jordan not to attack, but Jordan, feeling it might miss its opportunity to engage in a Jewish murder orgy, attacked.

The Arabs quickly lost the war they had started. In six days, Israel crippled the air forces of the five attacking nations, vanquished their armies, and conquered land within 35 kilometers of the Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian capitals. Israel could have kept going but stopped. A humorous poster was made that said, “Come to Israel and see the Pyramids.”

The land Israel gained in 1967 is the price the Arab nations paid for their attempt to wipe Israel off the map and ethnically cleanse it of Jews. When they lost, big time, the murderous cowards went crying to the United Nations, one of the sleaziest antisemitic clubs of all times, to get “their land back." The Land of Israel never belonged to them in the first place.

Israel's Six Day War victory was miraculous. Huge odds were against Israel. Based on the size of the armies against Israel, there was a 60-1 ratio of Moslem aggressor soldiers to Jews. Israel won and humiliated the Moslems who had come to slaughter them. The victim was victorious.

The result of this War was that Israel reclaimed all of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount. From 1948 to 1967, both were maliciously violated by the Jordanians and Jews were not allowed to pray at their holiest sites.

Unfortunately, the Temple Mount's holiness continues to be violated by Israeli acquiescence to the illegal Moslem control, destruction of Jewish historical artifacts, and purposeful disrespect of the dignity of this sacred place.

It is the hope of all healthy Jews that the Islamic occupation and desecration of the Temple Mount will end soon.

Alan Silverstein is a pro-Israel activist.