UTJ to Netanyahu: Open the synagogues

United Torah Judaism party demands synagogues, yeshivas, and haredi neighborhoods be included in easing of coronavirus restrictions.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


The United Torah Judaism (UTJ) party announced Monday night that it would would appeal to Prime Minister Netanyahu, all ministers involved in the handling of the coronavirus crisis, and the National Security Council and request that the synagogues be allowed to open. In addition, UTJ will request the opening of yeshivas and the renewal of public transportation to cities, communities and haredi neighborhoods, subject to guidelines to be decided by the Health Ministry.

The statement said that "in light of the fact that new rules have been laid down in recent days, many issues have been eased in various areas. This should certainly be the case for synagogues, yeshivas and public transportation to haredi neighborhoods and cities, and all in accordance with the rules and guidelines to be set."

According to the faction statement, "First and foremost, the synagogues should be allowed to allow Jews everywhere to pray properly in "a little holy temple' and not as they have hitherto been praying, with no choice, in balconies and open spaces."

"Also, while educational institutions began to operate everywhere, including youth villages, etc., the time has come to allow the opening of yeshivas and kollels everywhere and not only in a restrictive outline that did not allow their practical operation in all places.