Jewish Home head Rafi Peretz to be sworn in as Min. of Jerusalem Affairs today

Rabbi Peretz to be sworn in today, members of the Jewish Home central committee to vote tomorrow to approve agreement with the Likud.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

הרב רפי פרץ
הרב רפי פרץ
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Rabbi Rafi Peretz, head of the Jewish Home Party, and party Director General Nir Orbach invited members of the party's central committee to vote on the coalition agreement with the Likud.

Voting is to be held tomorrow (Monday) at two polling stations: at the party offices in Rosh Ha'ayin and the Shemesh and Magen synagogue in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem.

"Due to the Emergency Regulations and Public Health Order, it is not possible to hold multi-person symposiums so committee members have been invited to partake in the [vote] for or against the agreement [at the two locations]," a statement by the party read.

The party chairman suggested that: "The party's central committee would vote to approve the…proposal and coalition agreement for the establishment of an emergency national unity government between the Likud and Jewish Home."

According to party regulations, an agreement can be struck down only if a 60% majority of central committee members are opposed. Rabbi Peretz is likely to succeed in amassing the majority required. In another turn of events, however, Peretz is expected to be sworn in today as a cabinet member and Minister of Jerusalem Affairs while the party vote is scheduled for tomorrow.