Bennett: Netanyahu discarded sovereignty form government agenda

Yamina leaders explain decision to sit in opposition. 'Netanyahu was threatened by the EU, PA, Gantz, and Ashkenazi. He surrendered.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hezki Baruch

The leaders of the Yamina party held a press conference Thursday evening to explain their decision to sit in the opposition.

Defense Minister and Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: "Netanyahu erased the words Judea and Samaria from the basic principles of the incoming government, eradicated the application of sovereignty, eliminated the overhaul of the Workers' Union and the power brokers, and destroyed reforms to the judicial system."

"The Palestinian Authority and the Europeans have been threatening him in recent days, but above all Gantz and Ashkenazi have threatened him. Netanyahu has surrendered," Bennett said.

The Yamina chairman also denied reports that negotiations with the Likud had been revived this evening.

"Regarding these negotiations, there is nothing to report since there never was any intention for such negotiations to bring us into the government on the part of Netanyahu. I say this to the Likud faithful who are trying to exert pressure for another round of talks. It's okay. There is nothing to report and everything you hear is just a spin."