Coronavirus technology:
3D printers save lives

Maf'il Corporation opens technology center to print missing spare parts for medical teams across country.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Maf'il 3D Division Director Anders Idesses
Maf'il 3D Division Director Anders Idesses
Arutz Sheva

Maf'il Corporation, which markets 3D printing technology solutions for a variety of applications, has been harnessed during the days of the coronavirus crisis to help hospitals and the health care system and ease the remaining burden by establishing an unique technology center that includes 3D printers of all kinds that can print parts and products that are missing in hospitals.

Because of the rush in hospitals, there was a shortage of products, spare parts, and other components, but these could not be obtained quickly from other countries. Among these products, there was a great lack of special plastic masks that cover doctors' faces and protect them from virus exposure.

Also, Maf'il says 3D printers have printed ventilator parts that are currently a must-have item in any hospital.

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For the benefit of the operation, Maf'il has set up a logistics center in its Petah Tikva office, where three-dimensional printers are located, including a production printer to produce final functional parts printed in airtight and waterproof materials, licensed for human body contact.

The center is headed by Maf'il 3D Division Director Anders Idesses. "The beauty of 3D printing is that you can print any product or missing part, get a functional part for final use in no time."

Maf'il has lent a number of printers to Tiltan College in Haifa, where a similar logistics center has been set up by groups that want to be of help in the current situation. Furthermore, the company is in contact with countries such as Spain, Italy, and more to explore possibilities for remote assistance and learn from what is being done there.

"We've made all the 3D printing equipment in our possession available to hospitals and the health care system," said Maf'il Director Raz Derby, "and we'll do everything we can to help in this global crisis."