Preschools partially reopen

70% of children to be allowed to return to daycare. Children to return to preschool for half the week.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Kindergartens and daycares across Israel began their gradual and partial reopening Sunday under strict guidelines

The kindergartens will operate with up to 18 children per class. Half of the children will be in kindergarten on Sundays through Tuesdays and the other half on Wednesdays through Fridays. Parents will have to find alternative frameworks for their children for the other half of the week as many parents also begin their return to work.

Daycares will also open with a limit on the number of children in each of seventy percent of the daycare's capacity. The parents of the other thirty percent have been notified in recent days that their children will continue to stay at home until alternative solutions are found.

The children in the various settings will begin the sessions under restrictions and guidelines. The parents will not be able to stay with the children in the morning but will drop them off at school and leave immediately, despite the difficulty that may develop for both the parents and the children after two months of staying at home together all day.

Preschool teachers and daycare providers are also asked to prevent children from playing with each other, and to provide for antiseptics and equipment, to require a temperature test for students, alcohol disinfectant.