Bereaved families to Israeli government: Freeze agreement with Palestinian Authority

'The PA continues to pay terrorists who murdered our children and our government continues to help it with our tax money.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Hertzl Hajaj
Hertzl Hajaj
Eliran Aharon

The Israeli government is expected to sign an agreement with the Palestinian Authority (PA) on Sunday, according to which the State of Israel will grant the PA a loan of NIS 800 million ($228,134,712) to offset the PA's losses from the coronavirus outbreak.

The agreement was disclosed in the Finance Ministry and Prime Minister's Office response to a Supreme Court petition against the agreement filed by Adv. Yitzhak Bam on behalf of the Lavi organization and the Choosing Life Forum - Bereaved Families and Victims of Terrorism, demanding that the Court block the agreement in light of the PA's continued financial aid for families of convicted terrorists.

The Finance Ministry's and Prime Minister's office response to the petition indicate that the funds are expected to be allocated by the Israeli government for the PA's efforts in the coronavirus fight.

According to the petition, there is substantial reason to believe that the loan will not be returned to the State of Israel, and that the PA will instead transfer a large portion of the funding to families of terrorists and terrorist operatives as payment for carrying out attacks against Israel.

The petition states that, "Unfortunately, the Palestinian Authority, contrary to its commitments to cease terrorism, is spending money on it and paying salaries and grants to terrorists serving their sentences in Israeli prisons and to those released from their prison sentences. The Authority has set up a system and provided financial support to terrorists and their families."

Despite a law according to which that the State of Israel is to offset terrorists' salaries in its loan to the PA, the cabinet has yet to order such a move.

Meirav and Hertzl Hajaj, parents of Lieutenant Shir Hajaj, murdered in a ramming attack in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood of Jerusalem on January 8, 2017, and members of the Choosing Life Forum said, "How can it be that hundreds of thousands of families and businesses in Israel are going out of business while the Israeli government transfers NIS 800 million a month to the terrorist-supporting Palestinian Authority as it continues to pay the terrorists who murdered our children? It turns out the Israeli government and citizens of Israel who had their children murdered are paying the salaries of their murderers."

The Lavi organization added that "transferring NIS 1 billion ($285,168,390) to the Palestinian Authority for financing terrorists' salaries is unacceptable. The PA cannot continue providing huge salaries to murderers of Jews and crying over [financial] difficulties. The transfer of NIS 1 billion to the PA is a blatant blow to the Pay to Slay Law recently enacted, and to families of terror victims. "