Government formation bill passed into law

Later today, signatures of more than 61 Knesset members will be submitted to President, who will ask Netanyahu to form government.

Mordechai Sones ,

PM Netanyahu during vote on bill
PM Netanyahu during vote on bill
Knesset Spokeswoman Adina Wallman

The Knesset plenum finally approved the bill to amend the Basic Law to form the government that regulates the establishment of a transition government and sets the guidelines for its operation.

The bill was approved by a large majority of 72 supporters against 36 opponents. The Knesset is now voting on a supplemental bill that regulates a number of other issues, including the issue of party funding.

Following the approval of the Knesset's bills, Blue and White Knesset Members are also expected to sign today the request of the President to impose forming the government on Binyamin Netanyahu.

By law, the President has two days to impose government formation on the Knesset Member who submitted the 61 signatures, and then that Knesset member has 14 days to complete assembling the government.

However, Netanyahu is not expected to use all of his 14 days, and the new government is expected to be sworn in this Wednesday.