'Tika': The Gaza you don't see

Have a peek at 'Tika' city in central Gaza, built by Turkey for poor Gazans.

Mordechai Sones ,

Festival sponsored by 'Tika' Turkish-Palestinian cooperation org
Festival sponsored by 'Tika' Turkish-Palestinian cooperation org
Flash 90

The Twitter account @Imshin today reported apartments for sale in the city built for poor Gazans by Turkey in central Gaza called "Tika", raising questions about whether the needy and homeless are the true beneficiaries of Turkish largesse.

The city is known by the name of the TİKA Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency that built it: "You may remember Hamad, built by Qatar near KhanYounes south Gaza Strip," Imshin writes. "Turkey built a city in Gaza too, 'Tika' city in central Gaza Strip, for poor Gazans and whose homes were destroyed. It was also inhabited in 2017."

The Facebook account of one Aboud Hamid advertises a "New apartment with an official contract for sale on the public street area 100 meters directions (East North) consists of:

● 3 rooms
● living salon
● bathrooms
● Kitchen
● balcony

"This apartment there was advertised for sale on a Gaza real estate Facebook group on 1 May 2020," Imshin notes. "It hasn't been lived in. I wonder if this means that some of the apartments didn't actually go to the needy and homeless."