Government approves restrictions for Lag B'Omer

The lighting of bonfires will be prohibited from tomorrow until after Lag B'Omer. Renting out guest houses will be prohibited at Meron.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Lag b'Omer bonfire
Lag b'Omer bonfire
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The government convened tonight, Wednesday, to discuss restrictions that will apply to the public ahead of Lag B'Omer with the aim of preventing mass gatherings.

The restrictions that the ministers have approved include a provision stating that from tomorrow until after Lag B'omer, lighting and standing near bonfires will be prohibited around the country.

In addition, from tomorrow stay on Mount Meron will be prohibited, as will the renting out of lodges and guest houses during this period, and fines will be imposed for violating the guidelines.

In addition, the Minister of Religion will be able to allow participation at one of the three lightings at various times on Mount Meron. However, the number of participants at each lighting may not exceed 50 persons.

In addition to the regulations related to Lag B'Omer, the ministers are also discussing the guidelines for operating gyms. According to the proposal that will be presented to the ministers, the number of persons in a gym at a given time will be one person per 10 square meters, and in a studio - one person per 7 square meters.