Shaked: Majority in Knesset for override clause

Yamina MK Ayelet Shaked warns Supreme Court could intervene in Basic Laws because of rotation agreement between Blue and White, Likud.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Arutz Sheva

Former Justice Minister MK Ayelet Shaked on Monday warned of the Supreme Court's intervention in the rotation laws which the Likud and Blue and White parties have promoted.

Shaked participated in the special committee hearing on the preparation of the Basic Law, and called for the enactment of the overrule clause proposed by the Yamina party.

"For years, both as a Knesset member and the Minister of Justice, I have tried to promote various forms of override with a majority of 61 [MKs]. We have placed three different versions here. We put three different versions here, Likud members also put forward some of these versions. One version talks about the paragraph of overriding in the Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty, as was done in the Basic Freedom of Occupation Law, to make a real copy of that paragraph. Another version is only limited to the infiltrators issue," Shaked said.

She said, "If the basic laws are already being implemented and regime changes are made, these are definitely changes that need to be taken seriously. Even those who belong to the left bloc, who follow Aaron Barak, the high priest of the judiciary, can rest easy. I read a quote that he supports that too."

"In the last 20 years, because the balance between the various authorities is violated if we enact it, it will regulate the dialogue between the authorities, with which the Knesset can enact in a special majority of 61 a law struck down by the Supreme Court for up to four years.

Shaked mentioned that in the previous Knesset and also in the Knesset before it, there was no majority for the override clause. "This is the first Knesset in the last few years that has a majority of MKs for it. We will cut off a moment of coalition discipline, among Knesset members. Among the MKs there are 59 in the right-wing bloc. There is also Yisrael Beytenu which supports the override clause."

She explained her problem with the rotation laws, "When you introduce a section where the minority controls the majority, we as MKs have a problem," she warned. "You are inviting the Supreme Court to intervene in the Basic Laws."