Police come under shooting, firebomb barrage

Undercover Border Police operating in Shuafat refugee camp come under attack; 5 arrested on suspicion of shooting, firebombing, assault.

Rafael Levy ,

Border Police come under barrage
Border Police come under barrage
Police Spokesman

Border Police undercover unit forces operated in the Shuafat refugee camp about a month ago with the aim of arresting a wanted shooting suspect.

Live fire was opened at forces surrounding the house. Fighters returning fire managed to neutralize one of the suspects and arrest some suspected in shooting and firebombing, as well as capturing the main suspect.

During the operation, one fighter was lightly injured as a result of a bullet that scratched him after penetrating his uniform. In the house, fighters located the rifle used to fire at them and other weapons.

After the suspects were arrested, they were taken to police for questioning and their remand extended. At the conclusion of the investigation, serious indictments were filed against five Arabs involved in the shooting and throwing firebombs at the police, plus involvement in a violent incident that occurred the day before the police operation. Their remand was extended until legal proceedings against them are completed.

The indictment says that three of the defendants are suspected of a serious violence incident that occurred between several involved (two families) the day before police activity, which also included serious assault, shooting, and stabbing. Following the incident, Border Police officers intervened to arrest them, and upon arrival at the house where the central suspect was staying, live fire, objects, rocks, and firebombs were launched at them from the roof of the house.

Serious indictments against the accused include charges of weapons possession, aggravated willful assault, assault in aggravated circumstances, possession of a knife, firearm shooting in a residential area, and more.