Bennett: It doesn't make sense to force isolation in hotels on people

Defense Minister calls working to overturn government's decision to send those coming from overseas to isolation in coronavirus hotels.

Ben Ariel ,

Dan Jerusalem Hotel serves as a "coronavirus hotel"
Dan Jerusalem Hotel serves as a "coronavirus hotel"
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett is working to overturn the government's decision to send all those coming into Israel from abroad to isolation at one of the Ministry of Defense’s coronavirus hotels, and instead require them to be in isolation at home with effective supervision.

"Only those who cannot maintain proper home isolation should be sent to a hotel," Bennett said. "What may have been appropriate a month ago with the information we had makes little sense now in light of the data of carriers and patients in Israel."

Bennett explained his reasoning: "It's expected to cost us a quarter of a billion shekels a month. A terrible waste of public money. It is better to redirect these quarter of a billion shekels to jumpstart the economy and the livelihood of one million people who are unemployed."

In addition, he explained, "There is no need to force isolation in a hotel on people instead of in the comfortable environment of their homes. We must not infringe the rights of our civilians unnecessarily."

Bennett emphasized that the coronavirus recovery hotels which are run by the IDF and the Defense Ministry will continue to operate for the time being.