Bennett: Chances of Yamina joining the government waning

Bennett said his party was interested in position of influence; that they could just as well sit in the opposition.

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Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
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Defense Minister Naftali Bennett (Yamina) addressed the possibility of joining the unity government in his online press conference today.

"We are not under the impression that we are being sought after. We want to join but at the moment, [all we hear are] accusations that we are going after significant ministerial portfolios."

"The way to get the economy going again is by shocking it back into action... We may end up supporting good moves by the government from the opposition but we will also oppose bad moves," Bennett added.

Asked about the Supreme Court hearings regarding the coalition agreement, Bennett replied, "I've heard so many complaints from our friends in the Likud about the Court. A large number of [Supreme Court judges] were appointed under the Likud government."

"We need to see what the government is aiming for in the areas of law and sovereignty, not just join up with it based on what they are telling the outside world," said the Defense Minister.

Bennett also expressed interest in the health portfolio as one of the possible Yamina positions in the next government. "We are here to make an impact. The health portfolio is an influential one," he said.

Earlier on, the Defense Minister addressed the lifting of coronavirus directives.

"We have to present the public with a clear outline," he said. "We have to explain what's going to be happening. All the data has to be made available to the public. Right now, that's not the way things are being run - the Health Ministry isn't publishing the data it uses in order to make recommendations and decisions, but this has to change in order to restore public trust."

"I see that people are proud of the fact that Israel is supposedly one of the countries with the lowest mortality rates per million," he added. "Google it - we're in 32nd place. We have to be very careful about how we proceed."