Coronavirus restrictions to be eased soon?

Health Ministry considering reducing restrictions, allowing gatherings of 10 people beginning next week.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

restrictions to be lifted?
restrictions to be lifted?

The Health Ministry is planning a significant reduction in the personal restrictions placed on Israelis during the coronavirus crisis following a series of studies.

Journalist Karen Marciano reported that according to a document formulated in the ministry in preparation for the government more visits to grandparents will be allowed beginning from this week subject to visitation procedures.

The document also shows that social gatherings of up to 10 people will be legally possible starting next week.

In addition, weddings and funerals held in an open space will be allowed starting May 17, with up to 500 people allowed to attend. Restaurants will open on June 15th. On the same day basketball and soccer games will be allowed to be held.

The relief document is at the center of the process of dialogue between the Finance and Health Ministries. Serious disputes remain between the parties, including on the issues of the opening of malls, markets and schools.

The toughest argument right now, Marciano notes, is about opening malls and markets. The Treasury wants to open them within a quick timeframe, while the Health Ministry wants to wait another two weeks with the move, to ensure that no outbreak of the epidemic begins following the recent easing of restrictions.

The downward trend in the rate of infection with the coronavirus has continued in recent days. According to updated Health Ministry data as of this morning, only 41 new corona patients were diagnosed in Israel over the previous day.