Tragedy in Germany: Chabad emissary laid to rest

Tragedy in Germany: Chabad emissary Rabbi Binyamin Wolff, father of eight, laid to rest after dying as a result of coronavirus infection.

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The Wolff family
The Wolff family
Courtesy of the family

Rabbi Binyamin Wolff, an emissary in Hanover, Germany for the Chabad Hasidic movement, passed away Saturday at the age of 43 as a result of a coronavirus infection. He is survived by his wife, Shternie, and their eight children.

After Rabbi Wolff’s widow and children decided to lay him to rest in Hanover and to remain in the city as part of their work on behalf of the Chabad movement, a special fund has been opened to assist the family.

Along with his wife, Rabbi Wolff organized Jewish activities in the city, helping local Jews connect to their roots, with the Wolff family home serving as a makeshift community center.

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