Government approves Independence Day restrictions

Cemeteries to be closed on Memorial Day, general closure to be implemented on Independence Day.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

מחסום משטרה בירושלים
מחסום משטרה בירושלים
צילום: יהונתן ולצר/TPS

The government held a telephone conference on Wednesday to confirm the restrictions on movement on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Ramadan.

Families will be barred from entering military cemeteries starting on the eve of Memorial Day, and a general closure will be imposed on localities during Independence Day.

Throughout the debate, the ministers demanded that it be easier to open other areas of the economy. Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz commented that "IKEA stores cannot be opened while schools remain closed."

National Security Council director Meir Ben Shabbat warned the government ministers: "If we open too wide, it could cause a closure later and cause us more harm."

According to Channel 12 News, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon reportedly told Netanyahu that the economy was at a breaking point and could not wait any longer to reopen. Kahlon demanded that footwear and clothing stores, flower shops, nurseries, car showrooms and hairdressers be allowed to reopen this week.

The finance minister also strongly attacked the Health Minisry, and according to the ministers made it clear that he was "tired of this." "I supported the Health Ministry, but in my opinion they are no longer suited to the circumstances," he said. "What kind of justification is there for not opening things up? And hairdressers who already work that way in black and whose money the ministry is also losing?"

"There are methods of manicure and pedicure where the pedicurists will take care of hygiene. Why not allow them?" Kahlon continued. "Talk to women who do nails. What do you think, the Israelis will not go to the barber and get their hair dyed? This is done and they do it in secret, because people cannot pay taxes and take receipts for them. It should be more open."