Netanyahu decides:
General closure on Independence Day

After discussion on Memorial Day and Independence Day formats it was decided to close military cemeteries on Memorial Day.

Mordechai Sones ,

Kobi Gideon/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today held a discussion regarding the format of Memorial and Independence Days in the shadow of the coronavirus crisis.

The meeting was attended by the Defense, Internal Security, Health, and Culture Ministers, the National Security Council head, the Acting Police Commissioner, the Health Ministry Director, the Attorney General, and the Defense Ministry Director.

Following the recommendation by representatives of the commemorative organizations it was decided, subject to government approval, that this year, in view of the danger of infection, not to allow arrival to cemeteries and commemorative sites on Memorial Day. The police will close the access routes to them.

The bereaved families were called to use the days leading up to Memorial Day for limited visits to the cemeteries, in accordance with "social distancing" principles.

In addition, memorial ceremonies will be held with no audience. Also, symbolic ceremonies will be held in the military cemeteries with the participation of a small number of soldiers and commanders without a crowd, and these will be broadcast to the public in a format determined by the Defense Ministry.

On Independence Day, a general closure will be imposed, in similar format to Passover. The motion for a resolution will be brought for government approval as soon as possible.