With negotiations on hold, Netanyahu bolstered by 'unlikely' source

Former Minister of Justice for Kadima trying to talk Gantz into settling for Likud's proposal.

Eitan Divinsky ,

Chaim Ramon
Chaim Ramon
Flash 90

Kipa Hebrew news reported that With coalition negotiations between the Likud and Blue and White on neutral over the past few days due to the parties' unwillingness to compromise on legal issues, Netanyahu has received support from the most unexpected of places—former Kadima Minister of Justice and Labor MK Haim Ramon who's urged Gantz to settle for the agreement offered by the Likud negotiating team.

According to a Walla News publication, Ramon met with Blue and White Benny Gantz and advised him to be more flexible on legal issues in order to bring about the establishment of a unity government. The issues at hand are a measure whereby the Knesset would be able to override Supreme Court rulings and the identity of members of the committee for appointing judges.

Blue and White endorsed the meeting between Gantz and Ramon who provided advice to the party head, but made it clear Ramon was not a negotiator. Blue and White said that: "Gantz met with Ramon…at his request as he did with a wide range of current and former elected officials. Ramon did not mediate and was not requested to mediate with regards to coalition negotiations."

While Ramon has long been associated with political activists on the left of the political spectrum, he has maintained support for Prime Minister Netanyahu, arguing against putting him on trial for alleged infractions in Case 4000. He has expressed support for the law allowing a Knesset majority to override Supreme Court rulings which he has said was legislated with discretion.

"The legislation was ratified after a serious and focused hearing," Ramon posted last week to his Twitter account "[It] was passed with a large majority, so the argument that the legislature did not conceive of a situation in which a prime minister was being prosecuted and even convicted by a district court is unfounded," he stated.