Erdan: Month of Ramadan the greatest challenge in fight against coronavirus

Public Security Minister tours north to review preparedness of police and emergency forces for lockdown on Arab communities.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Gilad Erdan
Gilad Erdan
Flash 90

Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan will be touring on Sunday with Police Chief Moti Cohen in the north and will meet with the heads of the Arab authorities.

The purpose of the tour is to coordinate expectations and agree on joint activities that will prevent the spread of coronavirus in the Arab sector during Ramadan.

As part of the tour, Minister Erdan will visit Deir al-Assad as well as at roadblocks around the community, while reviewing police activities in the area. In addition, the minister will be presented with Home Front Command activity to assist the residents of the localities and further steps to be taken.

Minister Erdan noted, "The month of Ramadan is our most significant challenge in the fight against coronavirus, especially given the increase in the number of coronavirus patients in the Arab communities. I intend to make great efforts with the police to increase awareness of the importance of compliance with the Ministry of Health's guidelines, especially during the days of Ramadan. We are in this struggle together.”

"I am sure that cooperation with the leaders of the Arab sector will help us deal with the virus and that the responsibility and discipline revealed by the Arab public so far will continue throughout the month of Ramadan. The coronavirus ties our fates together and doesn’t distinguish between different religions, therefore there must be concern for each other above all else,” he added.