Bennett: Hilltop Youth arson was an indescribable disgrace

Bennett promises to punish Hilltop Youth for destroying IDF property, assaulting Palestinian Arabs.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

tent (illustration)
tent (illustration)
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Defense Minister Naftali Bennett called on security forces to exert severe measures against Hilltop Youth accused of destroying an IDF compound established on their behalf and attacking Palestinian Arabs.

"Destroying the IDF compound and setting Palestinian vehicles on fire crossed all the red lines. It's an indescribable disgrace, and we have no intention of ignoring it," Bennett said.

"I do not accept any manifestations of violence, certainly not at the present moment, as the IDF and the security establishment have been harnessed with full force to assist with the coronavirus crisis."

Bennett added: "We have instructed security forces to apprehend all suspects as soon as possible so that they understand that [violence will be punished.]"

As mentioned, the Hilltop Youths dismantled an IDF's tent complex costing tens of thousands of shekels in the vicinity of Metzoke Dargot, and fled with the equipment in violation of isolation directives. Two members of the group were subsequently arrested on highway 90 near the Lido junction and taken in for questioning.

The same group is suspected of setting Palestinian-owned vehicles on fire near the complex and attacking two Palestinian Arabs from Hevron as well as another Arab from the Haifa area with stones and tear gas.