Bedouin Arabs attack Jewish farmers in Samaria

Bedouin Arabs approach Jewish town, violently attack farmer. 'Arrest the rioters, stop the bullying,' attorney says.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Attack (illustrative)
Attack (illustrative)

Bedouin Arabs on Tuesday morning attacked a Jewish farmer near the town of Rimonim, in Samaria's Binyamin Regional Council.

The Jewish farmer, a resident of the town, saw the Arabs approaching and approached to ask what they needed.

IDF forces arriving at the scene detained the Bedouin Arabs and took them for interrogation.

Honenu attorney Moshe Yado called on the authorities to arrest all of the attackers: "Our concern is that that military and the police will not actually arrest all of the Bedouin rioters, and will not stop the bullying and their violent takeover of the area."

"We must arrest all of the attackers, and bring them to justice," he emphasized.