IDF Home Front Commander: 'Coronavirus crisis will accompany us for a year'

Major General Tamir Yadai on aid to Jerusalem: 'We sent five companies to city, preparing to assist other authorities.'

Mordechai Sones ,

IDF soldiers in Bnei Brak
IDF soldiers in Bnei Brak
Kobi Richter/TPS

Home Front Command Major General Tamir Yadai spoke today with military reporters about IDF assistance to Jerusalem and called for long-term preparation for the coronavirus that is not expected to disappear in the near future.

"We need to talk about a coping strategy and not an exit strategy," Yadai said.

Speaking on aid to Jerusalem, the IDF Home Front Commander said: "The Jerusalem District of the Home Front Command has been assigned a mission to assist the Jerusalem Authority. We conducted a mapping together with the Mayor of all needs. We're providing targeted information, expanding patient evacuation, and increasing the amount of testing in coordination with MDA."

The Jerusalem District will be reinforced by five battalions from the IDF Nahal Brigade Reconnaissance Battalion and the Tabor Battalion of the Rescue Brigade. "We're expanding assistance to additional authorities that will need our support in accordance with the government directive to prevent faltering functioning in the authorities."

In the meantime, the Health Ministry is asking government ministers to impose curfew on the citizens of Israel both on the Seventh day of Passover and on Mimouna. Channel 12 News reported that guidelines to be put this afternoon to government vote would be similar to those imposed on the public for the Seder.

In the health system, many fear Israelis will take advantage of the Seventh day of Passover and Mimouna to hold a wider family celebration rather than the nuclear framework as it was on the Seder night.

Imposing curfew would prevent congregation and thus prevent coronavirus spread, they argue. The Health Ministry is also looking into how to limit the volume of sales in the supermarket chains when the Passover holiday closes, for fear of a run on chametz products.