Hamas terrorist organization denies rumors of prisoner exchange with Israel

Hamas denied reports of an approaching deal with Israel for the return of Israeli civilians and remains of IDF soldiers.

Dalit Halevi ,

Yahya al-Sinwar
Yahya al-Sinwar
צילום: עבד רחים קעטיב, פלאש 90

Musa Dodin, Hamas's spokesman on prisoners and a member of the political bureau, denied media reports of an increase in negotiations with Israel leading to a prisoner exchange.

Dodin said Hamas did not believe Israel was serious about such an exchange but welcomed brokerage initiatives between the parties, saying these would facilitate the process and foster steps towards the realization of the deal.

Hamas leader Yahya al-Sinwar recently said that his organization may be willing to "grant a partial concession regarding the soldiers being held captive by us in exchange for releasing the elderly and sick prisoners as a humanitarian gesture in light of the coronavirus crisis."

He also said that the price would be high and Israel would have to pay it, and that the first condition for negotiations was releasing prisoners who had been released as part of the Shalit deal and were subsequently re-arrested by Israel due to violation of the terms of their release and their return to terror.

Al-Jarida newspaper in Kuwait said that the exchange deal between Israel and Hamas is in the works, and would consist of Israel's releasing minors and female terrorists in return for the release of two Israeli civilians held by Hamas along with the body of an Israeli soldier and information the fate of another.