Closure lifted: Wuhan emerges from lockdown

After 76 days, blockade removed in Wuhan, China, where CCP coronavirus originated. Residents celebrate in streets.

Mordechai Sones ,

Wuhan emerges from lockdown
Wuhan emerges from lockdown

The city of Wuhan in China where the coronavirus epidemic originated emerged from its closure Wednesday morning for the first day after three months of lockdown.

Highways departing from Wuhan have been opened to private vehicular traffic and the city is once again connected to the National Road Network in China.

In recent weeks, China has claimed the number of people infected with the virus to have dropped to almost zero, although knowledgeable observers report the country's communist regime prioritizes appearances over the well-being of its people. Restrictions were gradually removed and citizens were allowed back to work. Some restrictions on civilians such as wearing protective gear will also remain.

After removing the curfew on Wuhan, there was massive movement outside the city of about 65,000 people. Internal flights and rail traffic have also been renewed.

11 million people live in Wuhan. More than 50,000 were admitted infected and at least 2,500 died in the plague according to official numbers.