Shaked: Religious Zionists will not forgive Netanyahu

Yamina MK says Likud has not contacted her party about coalition negotiations yet.

Nitzan Keidar ,

Shaked and Netanyahu
Shaked and Netanyahu
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

MK Ayelet Shaked from the Yamina party expressed disappointment at Prime Minister Netanyahu's handling of the unity government negotiations with the Blue and White party.

"Despite the loyalty we showed for a year and a half in which we walked together and during which we had serious alternative which we did not choose to go with since we wanted to go together as one bloc, the Likud seems to be throwing us away again," Shaked told Arutz Sheva.

"I think it would be an ideological and political mistake, but the decision is in Netanyahu's hands," she said.

Shaked said the Likud was underestimating her party and had held no coalition contacts with it. "We are mainly fed by the media. It seems that Netanyahu and Benny Gantz will conclude an agreement today or tomorrow, contrary to what Netanyahu has promised. His commitment was first to close an agreement with the right-wing bloc and only then with Blue and White. It seems. Currently, in the Likud, there is no desire to treat religious Zionists in the same way that they treat the haredim."

"We are not talking about conditions and red lines. We have been waiting for serious and intensive negotiations to be held with us and I regret that this does not happen. I believe that religious Zionism, both as an ideological movement and as the backbone of any right-wing government, will not forgive such promiscuity after we have been faithful partners for many, many years," Shaked declared.

When asked if Yamina may sit in the opposition, Shaked responded: "In politics it is impossible to know. We may be in opposition, we may appear to be influential and be part of the coalition. Right now, there seems to be a breakdown of all right-wing values."