Unemployment rate in Israel reaches 23.8 percent

New jobseekers continue to enroll in Employment Service, bringing total number of jobseekers in Israel to 988,957.

Mordechai Sones ,


The unemployment rate in Israel this evening stands at 23.8%, compared with only about 4 percent at the beginning of the current month, according to Employment Service data.

The updated figures also indicate that the total number of jobseekers in Israel stands at 988,957.

As of the beginning of March, with the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, there were 831,106 new jobseekers in the Employment Service, about 90 percent of whom were sent on unpaid vacation from their places of employment.

However, the Employment Service estimates that even at the end of the crisis, at least 20 percent of the workers who were sent on unpaid vacation will not return to their jobs.