Two middle-aged Israeli women die of coronavirus

Two Israeli women, one aged 49, one in her 50s, die of coronavirus, bringing Israeli death toll to 17.

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Coronavirus patient (illustrative)
Coronavirus patient (illustrative)

An Israeli woman in her 50s died of coronavirus at the Sheba Medical Center in central Israel.

According to Sheba, the woman suffered from underlying conditions.

"After ten days during which the staff in the Intensive Care Unit for Coronavirus Patients fought for her life, last night a patient in her fifties, who suffered from pre-existing conditions, passed away," Sheba wrote in a statement.

"We share in the family's sorrow."

A second woman, aged 49, died of coronavirus at Yitzhak Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh) in central Israel.

The woman was admitted to the hospital on Thursday, after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

She suffered from a pre-existing condition, and passed away Monday night after suffering complications from the virus.

In a statement, the hospital wrote, "The Shamir Medical Center announces with sorrow the passing of a coronavirus victim aged 49, who was admitted to the medical center on Thursday, March 26 after testing positive for coronavirus."

"The patient suffered from an underlying condition and passed away last night due to complications from coronavirus.

"We share in the family's sorrow, and we send our condolences."

The two women, who have not yet been named, are Israel's sixteenth and seventeenth coronavirus fatalities.

So far, Israel has confirmed a total of 4,831 coronavirus cases, most of whom are in mild condition and 95 of whom are in moderate condition.

Eighty-three patients are in serious condition, and 69 of them are on ventilators. Another 163 patients have recovered from coronavirus.