On Sunday, 500 soldiers to join lockdown efforts

Soldiers to work together with police officers to enforce coronavirus lockdown rules, close roads.

Orly Harari ,

Soldiers (illustrative)
Soldiers (illustrative)
Hillel Meir/ TPS

The IDF is preparing to allocate 500 soldiers to aiding Israel Police in its task of enforcing the lockdown guidelines set out by the Israeli government and Health Ministry to halt the spread of coronavirus.

The soldiers will be helping police forces beginning on Sunday.

They will come from combat training bases and field units, and will be divided into police districts, with each district receiving a single company.

Soldiers aiding the police forces will be armed, and will work in teams together with the police to patrol, isolate areas and guard them, block roads, and more.

Prior to beginning their new tasks, the soldiers will undergo training preparing them for work in a civilian arena.

"The IDF will help as much as necessary with the battle against the spread of the coronavirus in the civilian arena, while strictly keeping the Health Ministry guidelines," a statement from the IDF said.