316 Israelis rescued from India

Complex operation brings hundreds of Israeli tourists homes as India enters coronavirus lockdown.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Israeli tourists in India
Israeli tourists in India
Israeli embassy in Delhi

The Israeli Embassy in India today completed a rescue operation of 316 Israeli travelers from across India, putting them on a plane back to Israel.

The operation began last Thursday night and included a series of complex steps that eventually resulted in the flight departing from Delhi to Israel.

The embassy brought the tourists to the plane as India entered a lockdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

After the travelers arrived in Delhi, the Embassy worked with the local Chabad House to accommodate the travelers and enter them in the days remaining until the flight.

Due to the unique nature of some of the travelers in India, the embassy also dealt with individual problems as well as visa extension and passport renewal. Finally, in a complex police operation, the travelers were brought to the airport today. As the shops in the airport are closed, the embassy has responded to hungry travelers' requests and the ambassador himself has provided the passengers with sandwiches and fruit.

The flight itself was organized by Amsalem Tours and was operated by a special team from Air India to operate the flight under strict quarantine regulations.