Amazon cancels free shipping to Israel due to coronavirus

As Amazon orders surge, coronavirus delays deliveries and threatens to put sellers out of business. Millions of people left without orders.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Amazon has ended free shipping for Israel due to the spread of coronavirus.

The free shipping policy was implemented in November, for orders totaling over $49. In February, Amazon expanded its free shipping to include the Palestinian Authority.

Benny Buchnik, founder of the Facebook page group "I Need It" wrote in the group: "Things are not yet completely clear and verified but on the face of things, the pressure of a lack of merchandise in various countries in the world and logistic and delivery problems, as well as local regulations in a number of countries, have caused Amazon to begin to keep each country's merchandise within that country."

"As a result, the amount of products sent outside Amazon in various countries is dropping, and everything that was sold or sent by Amazon will be closed to shipment to Israel (and in general, outside its country of origin) - meaning products from the US will be available only in the US, products from Germany can be purchased only in Germany, and so on. And in addition, the free deliveries have been canceled - only until this crisis ends, I hope."

Currently, there are no Amazon warehouses in Israel. As a result, many products are no longer available for purchase in Israel - even if the customer is willing to pay shipping.

Products which are shipped by the seller are still available for purchase.