Emergency regulations take effect

Emergency regulations prohibiting leaving residence except for listed reasons, limiting number of employees at workplace take effect.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Health Ministry inspectors enforce coronavirus restrictions
Health Ministry inspectors enforce coronavirus restrictions
Health Ministry

Emergency regulations took effect Sunday morning at 8 am after being approved by the government over the weekend.

To read the full version of the regulations (in Hebrew), click here

The central section of the regulations states that one must not go from one’s place of residence or permanent stay into the public sphere except for one of the following reasons:

1) To go to one’s place of work, and return from it

2) To buy essential food, medicines and products and receive essential services

3) To receive medical care

4) Blood donation;

5) Demonstration;

6) Legal process;

7) Going to the Knesset;

8) For treatment within the framework of welfare;

9) Sports activities of up to two people, the same ones every time insofar as possible, or of people living in the same place;

10) Exit from a place of residence, of an individual or of persons living in the same place, for a short time and to somewhere near the place of residence

11) Going to a religious ceremony, including a wedding or funeral, as well as for prayer and immersion in a mikvah

12) Leaving to assist another person who has a medical problem or other difficulty requiring support

13) Exit for an essential purpose not specified in paragraphs 1 to 12.

The regulations also include rules of conduct in the public sphere, most notably to keep a two-meter distance between every two people who do not live in the same place.

The regulations also include instructions on what businesses may and may not open, and conditions for opening businesses that may be opened. The validity of the regulations is currently seven days.

At the same time, at midnight last night, regulations limiting the number of employees in private workplaces and in the public service also took effect.