Emergency Regulations:
When is it permitted to leave? How many passengers in the car?

A citizen who violates isolation orders may be fined 5,000 shekels.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu
Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

The Cabinet Ministers will approve in the coming hours the emergency regulations announced by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday evening.

The regulations will turn the Ministry of Health’s guidelines into mandatory instructions and will significantly limit the movement of citizens across the country, with the aim of creating a “social distancing” that will further isolate the coronavirus and prevent it from spreading.

According to the regulations, it will be permitted to leave a home or place of permanent residence and go out to the public space only for the purpose of:

1. Getting to and from a workplace, subject to the fact that the workplace can operate in accordance with the regulations separately laid down for that purpose.

2. Equipping and purchasing of foods, medicines, products and other basic or essential services.

3. Getting medical service.

4. Blood donation.

5. Demonstration.

6. Legal process.

7. Individual sports activity, except for members of the same family unit.

8. Exiting a place of residence for a short time and going to a place nearby by a single person or persons of the same family unit staying together in one place.

9. Leaving for a religious ceremony, including a wedding or funeral, as well as a prayer service for up to 10 people keeping a distance of two meters from each other.

10. Leaving in order to provide assistance to another person who has a medical problem or other difficulty requiring support.

11. Leaving for another essential purpose.

The regulations establish rules of conduct in the public domain aimed at creating "social distancing" and preventing infection from person to person, including:

12. Keeping a distance of at least two meters between people as much as possible.

13. Traveling by private car is restricted to up to two passengers in the same vehicle. These instructions will not apply to individuals of the same family unit, or when traveling with more than two passengers in the same vehicle is essential.

14. As far as service providers are concerned, the regulations state that in a delivery service to a place of residence, the delivery will be placed near the door of the residence and outside it, and that vital repair service can be maintained.

All trade, recreation and leisure activities are prohibited in places specified in the order -

1. A mall and a shopping complex comprising 10 stores or more or the total area of ​​the shops exceeding 3,000 square meters, with the exception of a place for sale of food, a pharmacy, or a store whose main activity is the sale of hygiene products in the mall or such compound: For this purpose, a shopping complex without a roof in which the total number of stores, excluding stores not listed in paragraph (2) below, does not exceed 10, will be able to continue its activity.

2. A discotheque, bar, pub, banquet hall, fitness center, swimming pool, water park, zoo, safari, petting zoo, bathhouses, cinemas, theaters, cultural institutions, amusement parks, businesses for non-medical treatment of the human body, places which hold shows and fairs, public boats, cable cars, museum, nature reserve, national park, library, tourist attractions and heritage sites.

At the same time, places where restricted activities are permitted under the conditions specified in the regulations have been determined: A dining room, including a hotel dining room; A place to sell food, a pharmacy or a store that mainly deals with the sale of hygiene products; A store other than the stores listed in paragraph (b) (2).