'We will soon reach 100 new cases a day'

Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health on possibility of general closure: Such a move would be in effect for four to five days.

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Professor Itamar Grotto
Professor Itamar Grotto
Health Ministry spokesperson

The Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health, Professor Itamar Grotto, said on Monday that the ministry is considering stopping public transportation with the exception of essential routes.

On the possibility that a general closure will be applied in Israel, he said, "We do not know how long such a closure would apply. We estimate it would be between four and five days. We will need to do a daily assessment of where we are going."

"If a closure is decided upon, in the first stage we will ask the entire population to stay home," added Professor Grotto. "In the second stage, the closure will gradually be lifted. We may have to tell older people and those who are at risk not to leave their homes and we may need to bring supplies to their homes."

He estimated that about 100 new coronavirus patients will soon be diagnosed in Israel on a daily basis. In the last day, 59 new cases were discovered, and the total number now stands at 277.