Netanyahu: 'Moving to work in limited format'

PM Netanyahu announces new restrictions in struggle to prevent coronavirus spread in Israel.

Mordechai Sones ,

Netanyahu announces new restrictions
Netanyahu announces new restrictions
Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced this evening new restrictions in the fight against the spread of coronavirus in Israel.

The government will convene in the coming hours for a telephonic meeting to approve the emergency regulations.

"The government will approve emergency regulations tonight that will allow the use of digital means for the war on coronavirus. These measures will help us monitor and stop the virus. We sought to ensure strict oversight of this measure so it is not misused. The Attorney General answered our request and tonight we authorize the use of digital means for a limited period of 30 days,” Netanyahu stated.

He spoke of three economic measures that will be valid until the end of Passover: transferring the public sector to emergency format, the private sector to limited format, and full operation of essential services.

"We are not announcing a general closure and hope we won't come to that, but we will impose a local closure where there is an outbreak to stop it," Netanyahu added.

"The fight against coronavirus continues all the time. Our hearts are with Italy and Spain. We have a more moderate increase in morbidity and we are doing everything to keep it under control," the Prime Minister said.

"Every CEO will decide as of Wednesday morning which employees are on early leave and who are not - the decision includes local government," Netanyahu said.

He added that there is "no reason to horde food. There is enough for Passover too."

He also said that public transportation, trains and buses, would continue to function.

Health Ministry Deputy Director Professor Itamar Grotto said Monday that he estimates that 100 new diagnosed patients will soon be discovered every day in Israel.

In the last day, 59 new patients were added to the number of patients in Israel, and the total number now stands at 277.