Bereaved husband blasts Blue and White leaders: They're murdering us for a second time

Guy Yehezkel, husband of Kim who was murdered in Barkan attack, blasts Blue and White's intention to form government with Arab parties.

Ben Ariel ,

Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel
Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel
Screenshot from Facebook

Guy Yehezkel, husband of Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel who was murdered in the terrorist attack in the Barkan industrial area in 2018, on Sunday published a heartbreaking post on Facebook following Benny Gantz's intention to form a minority government backed by the Arab parties.

"My dear Kim, I want to apologize to you. You must be watching and crying. I feel ashamed and embarrassed at the sight of this despicable act. And I feel like we're being murdered for the second time," Guy wrote.

"Little Kai no longer calls for you at night. The remnants of the memories have faded away. And I'm going crazy! How will I explain to him, as he grows up, that his people worked hand in hand with his mother's murderers."

Guy added, "I see the sights and my heart refuses to believe. I want to wake up, like from a nightmare. You will be damned forever, generals who crossed the lines. And are now laughing with a murderer. Dear Kim, I want to apologize to you. Yours forever, Guy."

Natan Meir, whose wife Dafna was murdered in a stabbing attack in Otniel south of Hebron in 2016, wrote to MK Moshe Ya’alon on Facebook: "So far I have refrained from writing about politics...During your shift as Defense Minister, a terrorist infiltrated into my house and murdered our Dafna, and now you are asking for another shift with the support of those who praise the murderers. I'm ashamed that you came to our home to express your condolences."

MK Ya'alon said in response, "Unfortunately, I know of and am in touch with many bereaved families. I have never made any political use of the constant contact I have with bereaved parents, and I regret to discover that the family chooses, once again, to cooperate with parties that cynically and politically take advantage of a subject as painful as bereavement.”

“I deeply sympathize with the family for the unbearable loss, but I ask here again - please respect the victims! They are not political tools!” he added.