Poll: Most Israelis want a unity government, trust PM Netanyahu

New poll shows: Most Israelis trust PM Netanyahu to manage coroanvirus crisis, want a unity government.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

PM Netanyahu
PM Netanyahu
Kobi Richter, TPS

A new poll for Channel 12 showed that the Israeli public trusts Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to manage the coronavirus crisis, and most of them are in favor of an emergency government.

Due to the coronavirus crisis, do you believe that we need or do not need to immediately form a unity-emergency government which will include both Likud and Blue and White?
We need to - 64%
We don't need to - 22%
Not sure - 14%

Do you, or do you not, trust the government to manage the coronavirus crisis?
I trust the government very much - 19%
A lot - 47%
Total trusting the government - 66%
I don't really trust them - 20%
I absolutely don't trust them - 10%
Total not trusting the government - 30%
Not sure - 4%

I believe that the limitations Israel has placed on civilians due to the coronavirus are:
Appropriate - 60%
Exaggerated - 12%
Not enough - 21%
Not sure - 7%

Are you concerned that you will be infected with coronavirus?
Very concerned - 18%
Pretty concerned - 34%
Total concerned - 52%
Not really concerned - 32%
Not at all concerned - 11%
Total not concerned - 43%
Not sure - 5%

The poll was conducted by the Midgam Institute, led by Meno Geva. It included 504 Israelis ages 18 and above.