All schools may be cancelled over coronavirus

PM Netanyahu meets with Education Ministry officials to discuss possibility of completely closing education system.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu
Kobi Richter/TPS

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is considering closing the education system in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Netanyahu spoke of the matter with Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz Thursday afternoon. No decision has yet been made.

This morning, the Education Ministry conducted a status assessment on the coronavirus' spread and its impact on the education system with the participation of the Education Minister and the ministry's director-general.

Such a move would affect all kindergartens, schools and the higher education system, leaving about two and a half million students and students at home. If such a decision is made - the Education Ministry will work to transfer the entire educational system to online classrooms.

Rabbi Peretz said in an assessment of the situation, "At present, in accordance with the decision of the Health Ministry and the national social security system, it is not necessary to cancel studies."

"We are closely following the latest developments in the ongoing crisis, and will continue to provide update the public. We are coordinating all arrangements with the Ministry of Health. While making every possible effort to avoid risks wherever possible, we will continue maintaining the routine while [providing] clear instructions for public consumption," stressed Peretz.

"I want to emphasize the issue of Fake News. Don't believe all the messages transmitted over social media. Official decisions, if any, will only be released through the office spokespeople" he concluded.