'How can you allow such a disgrace?'

PM Netanyahu asks Blue and White MKs opposed to minority govt. with support of Joint List to act to prevent 'govt. dangerous to Israel.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu slammed Blue and White chairman MK Benny Gantz for his meetings and discussions with the leaders of the Joint Arab List.

"Benny Gantz sends his emissaries to Balad to form a minority government that depends on the supporters of terrorism, a dangerous government for Israel," Netanyahu said.

Addressing several Blue and White members who have expressed their opposition to such a move, Netanyahu said: "Gabi Ashkenazi, Zvika Hauser, Yoaz Hendel - how can you let such a disgrace happen?"

Earlier, a senior official in the Joint Arab List stated that Blue and White representatives would meet tomorrow with officials from the Joint Arab List, including officials from Balad.

He said that Blue and White would like to promote the establishment of a government that relies on support from outside the government and coalition.

Joint Listing Chairman MK Ayman Odeh issued a statement about his talk with Benny Gantz this afternoon. "I spoke to Benny Gantz and made it clear to him that the Joint List would work to promote the interests of all citizens as a united faction on its four components."

Prior to that, the chairman of Balad's list, MK Mtanes Shihadeh, admitted that it was clear to him that Gantz would not call him. "I did not expect a phone from Gantz and I was not surprised when he did not call. I represent a party that has a large electorate, is part of the Joint List, and so it will remain."

"We are acting solely in the best interests of our constituents, first and foremost, to overthrow Netanyahu and the racist policies he leads," he added.