President to invite parties on Sunday

Various factions invited to recommend candidate to would form next government. Round of consultations shortened and will only last one day.

Mordechai Sones ,

Gantz, Rivlin, Netanyahu
Gantz, Rivlin, Netanyahu
Amos ben Gershom/GPO

President Rivlin will begin consultations with all parties elected to the Knesset on Sunday.

Beit HaNasi Director Harel Tubi today informed the parties elected to the Knesset that consultations ahead of forming a government would start on Sunday at Beit HaNasi.

In his letter to the parties, he wrote: “In accordance with Article 7 of Basic Law: The Government, President Reuven Rivlin will hold a round of consultations with representatives of the lists of candidates which will be represented in the new Knesset, ahead of assigning the role of forming a government to one of the Members of Knesset.

"The State of Israel is in a double crisis – political and health. This is against a background of no government that is acting with its full authority, repeated elections, and the spread of the coronavirus to worrying levels in Israel and around the world. These circumstances require consultations to be held swiftly and with limits on the number of participants and administration.

"In light of this, the round of consultations will be held on one day only and the time allocated to each party will be reduced. In addition, the number of representatives of each party to the consultation will be limited and it is possible that the right of presenting the position of the party will be given to one representative alone. In accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the Ministry of Health, it has been decided that a press center will not be set up at Beit HaNasi during the round of consultations and no press – Israeli or international – will be permitted to enter Beit HaNasi. Statements by representatives of the parties to the press will be broadcast live to the media."

The President's House continued: "I would like to emphasize that, in order to strengthen public confidence and to promote the value of transparency in Israeli democracy, the consultations of party representatives with the president will be again broadcast live for Israelis.

"Beit HaNasi aims to create confidence and trust in the apparatus of government for Israeli citizens, and for a government to be formed as soon as possible, without the need for a fourth set of elections in a year. The President will come to his decision regarding the process of forming a government after consulting and discussing with representatives and heads of the parties.”