'4 bn. in assistance to companies affected by coronavirus'

At start of cabinet meeting, PM Netanyahu discusses ways in which government is dealing with the coronavirus.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Binyamin Netanyahu at weekly Cabinet meeting (file)
Binyamin Netanyahu at weekly Cabinet meeting (file)
Marc Israel Sellem/Flash90

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the start of the cabinet meeting on Sunday discussed ways in which the government is dealing with the coronavirus.

“I reiterate that we are in the midst of a global pandemic, even if this has not been declared officially. Today, I will update the government on the steps I have decided on together with my fellow ministers regarding the corona. We are working responsibly, calmly and with full cooperation among all elements. I have a discussion on the issue every day, two on most days. Thanks to the steps we have led, I can say that the situation in Israel is under control and is among the best in the world – if not the best among western countries.

"Today, I call on the public to be wary of the fake news of false reports on the corona virus in Israel. One must listen only to official reports from the Health Ministry and other official elements. I have asked the Public Security Minister to take action against the sowing of panic among the public by means of false reports, of which there are more than a few.

"In order to deal with the virus, I am also acting on the international level. I have spoken with many leaders in the past 72 hours and I have initiated a conference call that we will hold with them this week in order to discuss mutual international assistance. Israel has what to offer and also what to receive; we are in a good position.

"Today, we will act to advance the steps I have determined: One, we will disinfect public installations. Two, we will enlist the air force and the airlines in order to ensure – in every situation – the continuity of the essential supply chain for the Israeli economy. Three, we will enlist the best minds in Israel in order to efficiently separate the healthy and the sick. Tomorrow, we will hold a very important meeting of science and health officials with the goal of greatly expanding the number of those being tested and of greatly reducing the time needed to receive the test results. Four, we will establish a cash flow assistance fund. The Finance Minister will now present the NIS 4 billion assistance fund for companies that are being affected economically by the spread of the virus.

We are dealing with the corona crisis in the best way possible. I reiterate and ask the citizens of Israel: Strictly follow the instructions and directives of the government and the Health Ministry. This is no joke. Neither is it a matter of choice – simply put, it needs to be done. All of these hygiene strictures will delay or prevent the spread of the virus to your family members and to all people in the State of Israel. Please be strict about this.”