Smotrich: We're no less religious than the haredim

In interviews to the haredi press, Yamina MK Bezalel Smotrich claimed his party was the one protecting Jewish interests in Israel.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Smotrich at the Kol Chai Forum
Smotrich at the Kol Chai Forum
Radio Kol Chai

Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich (Yamina) attacked the haredi parties in interviews with the haredi media on Thursday.

"We aren't any less religious or haredi [than the haredim]," Smotrich pointed out in an interview with Radio Kol Chai. "We [protected the Western Wall from attacks by the Reform movement and Women of the Wall] while the haredim have given tacit consent to them."

"In the Jewish bridge crisis, what did Litzman do?" asked Smotrich, recalling that, "in a type of sham he resigned from a ministerial position to take on a deputy ministerial position. He [might have] saved his conscience, but I have responsibility for all Jews."

Regarding Netanyahu's claims that there is concern that Yamina will join Benny Gantz following the election, Smotrich saidm "There is something irrational about taking the farthest right-wing party in the running and asking it to prove its loyalty."

When asked about Bennett and Lapid's 2015 "Brotherly Alliance," he said that, "The haredim are the ones to blame. When Bennett tried to get them to partner up with him so that Netanyahu wouldn't leave religious Zionism on the outside looking in, they refused."